Short from saying, “We’re out of here!”. We started to develop a plan so that we could return to upstate NY and grow the farm that Gail grew up on.

After reading an article about an alpaca farm near us in New Jersey, we visited Tuccillo farm and soon became involved learning all about the care and nurturing of these magnificent creatures. We cleaned the poop piles, learned to give shots, and watched with awe as our first cria was born. We were in love and ready to start our own farm. We bought our foundation herd from this farm and brought them to New York. 

We have learned a lot and are excited to share our knowledge with other future alpaca farms as we develop this farm.


Home Again Farm is a family run farm which was originally established in 1831 as a dairy farm.

We are the sixth generation to farm raising alpacas since 2005. Our farm is currently home to 23 alpacas and Soapie, the friendly guard dog. We are located in Northern New York close to Route 81. We take great pride in the care of our animals and welcome the opportunity to educate any who would like to know more about these curious, gentle, intelligent and entertaining creatures.

After being away from the North Country for 34 years - living the last 30 in central NJ - we had a desire to return to our roots. All of the hustle and bustle seemed to lose its appeal especially after Sept. 11, 2001, Daryl, actually watched the second plane hit the tower from his Jersey City office on that fateful day.